Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey, this blog is still here! Yowzers! Looking back, I see the previous two posts relate to local conventions, MicroCon and FallCon. Well, guess what? MicroCon 2009 is this Sunday!

So come on down to theProgress Center building at the Saint Paul State Fairgrounds. The show runs Sunday, April 26 from 10AM to 4PM.

You can find more information on MicroCon by clicking HERE.

Finally, in case you're wondering where Brent and I disappeared to, we're still poking around the Interweb.

You can check out Brent's artistic endeavors by visiting: Brent Schoonover Online.

My own ramblings can be found at: Mental Records.

Well, I hope you'll track us down and keep up with our adventures. Otherwise, we'll see you back here in October, when FallCon 2009 rolls around.

All the bet,


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