Thursday, October 02, 2008


Howdy all! Fallcon 2008 is this weekend, and we will certainly be there. This is the fourth or fifth year we've attended as creators. The show is a great chance to rub elbows with many local creators (and some out of town talent, as well). This year is very special, because it is the MCBA's 20th anniversary. In honor of that amazing achievement, this year's FallCon will be the biggest yet, taking up both stories of the State Fairgrounds illustrious GRANDSTAND!! That's right, two stories of comic book geekery!

As an incentive (if you need one!), we've decided that anyone who purchases a copy of the Horrorwood trade, the Astronaut Dad trade, or a commission from Brent will receive a treat. In the form of a cookie. As in, homemade cookies from the kitchen of Nicole Schoonover. So delicious! And you get a book out of the deal! How can you say no?!

The show runs this weekend, October 4 & 5, from 10AM to 5PM both days. Admission is $11, with a dollar off for a food donation. Any more questions or directions? Check them out HERE.

Hope everything's well in your neighborhood. Welcome to October, the greatest month of the year!!

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