Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Greetings, everybody! Long time no type. Hope you didn’t think your old Horrorwood buddies had forgotten about you. Truth be told, it’s been a little quiet round these parts when it comes to the book. We’ve been busy, don’t get us wrong, and that’s a good thing. Brent has been extremely busy with Astronaut Dad, a graphic novel about the space race. And Brandon (talking about myself in the third person is weird) has been busy working as assistant director on a feature length horror movie called 13 Hours in a Warehouse. So things have been a whirlwind of activity.

But now for the update. Things on the comic front have indeed been quiet. BUT NO MORE! The long-awaited - drum roll please - Horrorwood Trade Paperback - is in Previews this month. Now available to pre-order, the trade features all four issues of our 1950s murder mystery collected together. Wanna see the cover? Thought so.

The cover art is by our good friend Scott Schomburg. Pretty kick ass. So pre-ordering the trade paperback works the exact same way as pre-ordering singular issues. There’s a specific code for the book, and all you have to do is give your local comic shop that code. And here they are:

AUG07 3370 – Trade Paperback $16.95
AUG07 3371 – Trade Paperback Director’s Cut $24.95

Now, the reason there are two codes and two different prices is because there are two different versions of the trade to order. The first code is for just the trade. If you only want the book, that’s the code for you. The second code, the Director’s Cut, is the same trade, with the addition of a DVD featuring a behind the scenes mini-documentary on the creation of the book, along with classic feature-length horror movies. A little spendier, but pretty cool.

Pre-ordering the trade paperback is very important. The number we receive for pre-orders determines quite a bit, and every order counts. So if you know anyone who has yet to discover our little gem of a book, please send this site and the order codes to them. Hell, send it to as many people as you can.

In addition, we’re running a kick ass promo with DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service). If any of you pre-order through DCBS, not only do you get a sweet discount on the book, you also get a FREE SKETCH courtesy of Brent. A FREE, UNIQUE SKETCH! So check out the promo HERE. Once you click on the link, go to page 2, and it'll be on the bottom. It's a great deal, and a great chance to get free art.

Keep checking the site, starting now. As we get closer to the release of the trade paperback, there will be more updates and more information. And again, pre-orders mean a great deal to us, and they are very important for the success of the trade, so please call a comic shop and pre-order. You have until the end of August.

Thanks everyone!
All the best,


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